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with your True Self

You are the teacher you've been waiting for. Tap into your own inner wisdom to receive healing, gain perspective, and understand your purpose in life by accessing altered states of consciousness.

Listen to a Sample of Katie's Work

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Welcome to Connected From Within!


Check out the ABOUT section to learn more about who benefits most from a session, what to expect, and some background on the hypnotist.


Visit SERVICES OFFERED to read more about past-life regression, QHHT, Crystalline Soul Healing, remote and in-person sessions.


Check out the GUIDED MEDITATION section to access the latest self-hypnosis tracks available for purchase.

Visit the EVENTS section to sign up for a locally hosted group past life regression through Meetup.

Check out RESOURCES under MORE to listen to a sample QHHT session and Past-Life Regression, or download a resource guide with useful information on how to gracefully navigate trauma responses. Freebies and discount codes included in the packet!

Visit the BLOG to learn more about different modalities, read stories of past-life experiences, tips for healing, and more.

If you have any questions that have not been answered on the website, feel free to ask through our Contact Form.

Areas Served

  • Berthoud, Colorado

  • Boulder, Colorado

  • Colorado Springs

  • Denver, Colorado

  • Estes Park, Colorado

  • Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Johnstown, Colorado

  • Lafayette, Colorado

  • Longmont, Colorado

  • Louisville, Colorado

  • Loveland, Colorado

  • Steamboat Springs, CO

  • Westminster, Colorado

  • Cheyenne, Wyoming

  • Laramie, Wyoming

  • Rockford, Illinois

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