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Explorations of Consciousness

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Past-Life Regression

$250 for 2 hour appointment

Past-life regressions are a fun way to learn a bit about the right side of your mind, practice accessing your theta brain wave state, and even receive messages from your Higher Self while in a lighter trance state. If you're interested in strengthening your self-hypnosis muscle, this is a huge help!

In-Person QHHT

$555 for 5-7 hour appointment

We will be using the same induction Dolores Cannon used throughout her career on her clients for your session. The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) uses elements of hypnosis but is different from hypnotherapy in that we focus less on the suggestive aspect and more on past-lives and connecting with the Higher Self. QHHT sessions are exclusively in-person.

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Beyond Quantum Healing

$555 for 5-7 hour appointment

There are two main differences that set BQH apart from QHHT. First, practitioners can blend other modalities into a session (such as using tuning forks). Second, BQH-trained practitioners are qualified to offer sessions online, making it available remote unlike QHHT. In these sessions, I'll use a technique different from QHHT but equal in its effectiveness.

Crystalline Soul Healing

$150 for 75-90 minute session

Crystalline Soul Healing is a quantum healing modality that releases blocks and activates potential to better align you with your Higher Self. CSH clears distorted information from your energy field, helping you initiate your powerful creative and healing flow.

 Humanity is at a stage in our evolution where self-healing is available to all. CSH is a consciousness expansion tool. As you begin to know the truth of what's possible, you will be required to hold that resonance in the face of challenging circumstances.

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