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In this recording, we will access an altered state to Meet Your Spirit Guide, and ask them few questions. This recording is approximately 30 minutes long, with a separate introductory lesson and warm up exercise included in your purchase. We'll then lead into a brief breathing exercise before beginning the self-hypnosis exercise. 

Not only are exercises like this a fun way to develop your intuition, but can truly lead to greater clarity, direction, and discernment. As the meditation moves you from an active brain exhibiting Beta Waves, down into Alpha, you'll begin to notice subtle ideas and concepts popping into your head. As you flow with the information and allow yourself to get deeper it will become more vivid.

I offer many different recorded meditations, what makes this one different is that meeting your Spirit Guide is often the first step in learning how to access them on-demand. There is nothing you have to do but allow the prompt to flow through you as it comes, and your Spirit Guide or Higher Self will share the concept with you in return.

Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation

$22.22 Regular Price
$11.11Sale Price
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