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In this recording, we will access an altered state to explore the Higher Perspective of a difficult relationship dynamic, and facilitate healing.
This recording is approximately 48 minutes long and is ideal for someone who has had some practice with tapping into their inner guidance as it does not include any lessons like some other recordings do. 

Not only are exercises like this a fun way to develop your intuition, but can truly lead to greater clarity, direction, and discernment. As the meditation moves you from an active brain exhibiting Beta Waves, down into Alpha, you'll begin to notice subtle ideas and concepts popping into your head. As you flow with the information and allow yourself to get deeper it will become more vivid.

I offer many different recorded meditations, what makes this one different is the prompts are designed specifically to help you understand why this relationship is the way it is, what you're learning from it, what the other person is trying to learn, and an interaction with their Higher Self. There is nothing you have to do but allow the prompt to flow through you as it comes, and your Spirit Guide or Higher Self will share the concept with you in return.

Relationship Healing Guided Meditation

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