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There are many free tools available here. You can find a Sample Session recording at the bottom on this page where the Higher Self/Subconscious is contacted, information on nutrition for emotional stability, and a 3 page guide I've put together with education on human stress reactions, symptoms, and self-care. There are also some freebies in this guide, book recommendations, and information on support groups near you.

Visualization Exercises

Many of us have become over reliant on the left side of our brain, the analytical, logical, thinking part of our mind. Practicing visualizations through guided meditation before your session will help stimulate the right side of your brain, the creative side that provides imagery and symbolism. Listening to these sample sessions will also help you acclimate to my voice beforehand to improve your session.

Nutrition for Emotional Wellbeing

Have you ever craved greasy or carb loaded food right after a stressful event? Did you know this is actually a natural response to stress designed to open up your muscle receptors so they absorb as much protein as they can to give the amino acid tryptophan a chance to win the race to the blood brain barrier first? Tryptophan is converted into serotonin, our "feel-good" hormone. Read more about what foods promote emotional stability in this article.

Traumatic Stress Management

This resource guide is loaded with information on how to identify a stress hormone reaction, common ways these express in humans, and ways to boost your resilience. This packet is designed for the individual experiencing the stress as well as the friends and family.

You'll also find links for free trials to BetterHelp and Scribd in this packet, along with a discount code on your next session!

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