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Beyond Quantum Healing Session

BQH is another hypnosis technique that can be done remotely, lasting 4-6 hours

  • 6 hr
  • 555 US dollars
  • Loveland, CO|Denver, CO|Rockford, IL

Service Description

There are two main differences that set BQH apart from QHHT; 1) practitioners can blend other modalities into a session (such as using tuning forks), and 2) BQH-trained practitioners are qualified to offer sessions online making it available to anyone with an internet connection. Regardless of the chosen technique, both QHHT and BQH are grounded in a desire to help the client live a more empowered life. If you’re trying to decide between them, there is no wrong choice. My only suggestion would be to consider which would be a more relaxing experience for you… being in the comfort of your own home or visiting my location in-person in a distraction free environment? BQH does not follow the clinical hypnosis model. It is focused upon the metaphysical, spiritual, energetic and esoteric components of consciousness exploration, not the scientific or clinical aspects. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you are in control throughout the session. “Hypnotic states are so common and natural we spend a majority of our life within them. Reading, singing, praying, driving, showering, can all induce a ‘hypnotic state. Hypnosis is nothing more than a relaxed and focused attention.” – Beyond Quantum Healing You'll want to begin by organizing a list of questions or concerns in order of importance. These questions will set the tone of your session, so really narrow down your focus to what would have the most substantial impact on allowing you to live out your potential. Also, start thinking about how you could life a more empowered life if these concerns were released. Reflect on if there were any lessons you learned from those challenges, if you've completed the lesson or if you're still in the middle of it. Really feel into what you would do moving forward if you were free of those issues but still had the wisdom they brought into your life. Relevant Blog Posts: *These can also be found towards bottom of RESOURCES Page*

Cancellation Policy

To cancel, please contact us at least 4 days in advance to give someone on the waitlist a chance to take your slot.

Contact Details

  • Lake Loveland, Loveland, CO, USA


  • 1001 East 62nd Avenue, Denver, CO, USA


  • Courtyard by Marriott Rockford, East State Street, Rockford, IL, USA


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