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Sat, Apr 13


Zoom link provided on Meetup

Kendara hosts Katie as Guest Speaker on Introduction to Metaphysics Meetup

Katie will give an Introduction to Past-Lives, Dolores Cannon, QHHT, and altered states on the Introduction to Metaphysics Denver Meetup Group. A discussion you won't want to miss!

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Kendara hosts Katie as Guest Speaker on Introduction to Metaphysics Meetup
Kendara hosts Katie as Guest Speaker on Introduction to Metaphysics Meetup

Time & Location

Apr 13, 2024, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Zoom link provided on Meetup


About the event

Introduction to Metaphysics Denver Meetup Group is hosted by Kendara, and has grown to over 4,300 members. 

Intro to Past Lives with Katie Christensen

What are past lives? How do you remember them? Who is Dolores Cannon? How can multiple people claim to have been Cleopatra? How do you know if you are a starseed? Why should I work to remember my past-lives?

Join us as Katie Christensen presents an introduction to past-lives and answers all your questions about reincarnation, Dolores Cannon, and how remembering your incarnations can change your life. This event is for those interested in exploring the unknown and gaining an understanding of their multidimensional existence.

Why You Should Do This Many of us rely on our Type-A personalities, our grit, ability to analyze and strategize, logic, push-through, get it done, etc. Those traits are great, the only problem is they all use the left hemisphere of the brain, and we don't always have enough time left over in our day to balance that with right-brain activity. Our right brain is what connects us to our intuition, our creativity, and our memories. When our brain is in balance, the channel opens we can integrate the wisdom of our Higher Self. The information that will be discussed in the presentation comes directly from individuals in an altered state of consciousness, both from Dolores Cannon’s books and Katie Christensen’s hypnosis sessions.

About Katie at Connected From Within Katie is a past-life regressionist, hypnosis practitioner for those on the path to empowerment, and pilot. As someone who has lived a left-brain-oriented life for many years, she specializes in helping people who are new to accessing altered states of consciousness. For those experienced with meditation, dreamwork, plant journeys, and trance states, she will help you go deeper within to support you on your journey to spiritual freedom. You can read more about her at

For those who are interested in learning more about accessing altered states of consciousness, Katie has both a sample Quantum Healing Hypnosis session and Past-Life Regression loaded onto her website at the bottom of the "RESOURCES" page. These one-on-one sessions are often profound and life-changing, providing people with not only a sense of direction but also a clearer connection with their intuition afterwards. Visit for more information.

This group is open to everyone (regardless of experience) with an interest in Metaphysics. Become a member for free by following this link to Meetup!

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