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Sun, Aug 18


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Online Past Life Regression

Not local to Loveland? No problem! This event is online-only so you can connect from anywhere, practice accessing your theta-state, and exercise the right-hemisphere of your brain where the imagery, symbols, and memories are stored. Join us for a group regression!

Online Past Life Regression
Online Past Life Regression

Time & Location

Aug 18, 2024, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM MDT

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About the event

You are the teacher you've been waiting for

Tap into your own inner wisdom to receive healing, gain perspective, and understand your purpose in life by accessing altered states of consciousness through Past-Life Regression.

This group past-life regression is for those interested in exploring past lives and gaining an understanding of their multidimensional existence. During this event, Katie will take everyone through a past life using Dolores Cannon's method.

Why You Should Do This Many of us rely on our Type-A personalities, our grit, ability to analyze and strategize, logic, push-through, get it done, etc. Those traits are great, the only problem is they all use the left hemisphere of the brain and we don't always have enough time left over in our day to balance that with right-brain activity. There can be a bit of a learning curve as you begin exercising that right-brain again, so by doing things like this you're not only working the muscle that develops your intuition and ability to channel but expanding your consciousness each time as well.

Although Katie uses the Dolores Cannon method in both QHHT and group past-life regressions, the two are not the same thing. QHHT sessions include a past life but the majority of the session is spent interacting with the subconscious to bring about healing. Past-life regressions are a fun way to activate the right side of your mind and practice accessing your theta brain wave state so you can receive messages from your Higher Self while in a lighter state of trance.

What to bring: 

A journal and pen 

Eye mask (suggested) 

Comfy spot without disruptions

Layout of the workshop 

We'll spend the first 15 minutes or so just getting to know the group and why everyone was drawn to the event, and then we'll jump in once everyone feels acclimated to each other. Katie will start with some warm-up visualizations (including more practice exercises if needed by the group). After that there will be a quick 5 minute break to use the restroom before we get started with the regression (please use the restroom before the event starts). After the regression, everyone will have 10-12 minutes to document their experience before we open the floor to sharing. We'll discuss not only the awesome stuff that came through, but what problems you encountered, how you overcame them, and share insights into what helped so everyone in the group can learn from each other. If there is enough time, we'll do an additional exercise.

About Katie at Connected From Within Katie is a past-life regressionist, hypnosis practitioner for those on the path to empowerment, and pilot. As someone who has lived a left-brain-oriented life for many years, she specializes in helping people who are new to accessing altered states of consciousness. For those experienced with meditation, dreamwork, plant journeys, and trance states, she will help you go deeper within to support you on your journey to spiritual freedom. You can read more about her at

For those who are interested in learning more about accessing altered states of consciousness, Katie has both a sample Quantum Healing Hypnosis session and Past-Life Regression loaded onto her website under the "RESOURCES" tab. These one-on-one sessions are often profound and life-changing, providing people with not only a sense of direction but also a clearer connection with their intuition afterwards. Visit for more information.

Guidelines Promote Privacy and Safety within Group:

  1. No recording to respect group's privacy and copyright laws. If you are interested in practicing with a self-hypnosis track, please click here to view the at-home guide meditations available for purchase.
  2. We all strive to create a safe environment where each attendee feels supported and not judged for their unique beliefs and opinions. Please be aware that everyone is in a different place in their spiritual journey, and that what is shared may not reflect the opinions of Connected From Within. So take what you like, and leave what you don't. We just ask that you assist in that goal by being supportive and encouraging of others in attendance.
  3. Also, be aware Katie is not a doctor and these events are not considered medical treatment. These events may provide you insight and positively impact your life, but they are not designed to replace proper medical care. Please consult the appropriate medical professional as needed.


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