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New Years: Does your Resolution Harness Transformation?

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Lately, I've been noticing people around me dread the topic of resolutions. When asked why, some of the reasons were "I feel anxiety from the added pressure on myself", "I'm going to forget about it", and "It's feels like making a promise I can't keep".

I don't know much about how resolutions started, what makes a good one, a bad one, etcetera etcetera... but that isn't what I want to talk about anyway. The transformational power that New Years Resolutions fail to harness, is the power in making a decision to align with your highest path. Here's how I use New Years resolutions to harness transformation as a quantum-healing hypnotist:

DE•CIDE - to cut away from, to eliminate choices

The act of deciding is empowering and clarifying. I'm not talking about deciding to stretch more (my resolution last year) or be more ______ (fill in the blank). I'm talking about those big decisions that kind of scare you, that shake things up, that challenge your growth, and make you sometimes question your sanity as you leave the old in search of something more you.

"Often, we are faced with two choices: to ignore the pain that comes from living out of alignment from our soul's deepest desires or to make big, and often uncomfortable, changes" - The Spiritual Entrepreneur by Steve Nobel

Luckily, the first step isn't having all the answers... it's actually eliminating the things in your life that impact your natural energy and distract you from your higher purpose, and replacing it with something more inline with your needs and values:

  1. News/ Social Media/ Tv/ Movies

  2. Processed Foods, foods & drinks containing PFAS or pesticides

  3. A career/job that no longer fits

  4. Relationships with friends, family, and a partner

Here are some examples of letting go of that which no longer fits:

Unsubscribing from News / Social Media/ TV/ Movie programming

I didn't know that's what I was doing when I began this practice a few years back, but one of the first things I noticed was how I felt weird after screen time. The news was the most obvious as I would get angry or worked up by whatever narrative was being sold that day. However, it was the subtle stuff that was even more invasive in my thinking and harder to unsubscribe from; like the subliminal messages in advertising of what women have to look like to be of value and what guys have to act like to "be a man", or how the entertainment industry perpetuates violence in our society (as long as you can convince yourself you're not the bad guy someone else is) in not just our actions but our communication and even thoughts. Once I recognized that TV is not only distracting me but had the ability to influence my beliefs, I decided to stop watching it and limit my exposure to social media as well. I had no idea how desensitized I had gotten to violence until I went to re-watch an old movie and was stunned at how different my reaction was. How long do you think it would take for you?

Decisions around Diet and Lifestyle

The next stage in taking control of my life was identifying foods that impacted my mood and energy levels. You can read more about my journey going plant-based in 2020 here. Last year, my body decided no more coffee (my taste buds changed overnight, and trust me I tried to fight it) so I no longer consume caffeine and recognize if I feel like I need it's a sign I'm overexerting myself. Turns out, coffee, especially decaf, has way more chemicals and pesticides in it than you could believe. Same thing happened with soda pop and alcohol, and if you're buying your beverages made here in the states, there are likely PFAS in it because it's in the water supply (whole separate topic on chemicals banned in Europe but the FDA allows in America). Again, I had no idea how desensitized I was to the chemicals I was allowing in or on my body until I regained that sensitivity. Now that I cut that out, I feel so much lighter, healthier, clearer, and aware.

Meaningless Employment

Another big one of those distractions has been meaningless employment. The word "vocation" comes the Latin word "vocare" meaning voice. It's supposed to be about personal expression, not just paying the bills or keeping yourself in a small box because of a scarcity mindset (ie; me). The day after I did some work on releasing myself from that mindset, it became immediately clear that working in the aviation industry was no longer serving the highest good. I was scared, shocked, and caught off guard by that thought that came in for the first time with an attitude of impatience, but I knew there was no going back. I was still subscribed to American consumerism promoted by society, but I've been working on deprogramming from that mindset, and it's clearer than ever that it doesn't take much to live comfortably. And now I get to be a full-time quantum-healing hypnotist without the dread of doing a meaningless job in between sessions. It's awesome! I have no regrets, and my guess is that it will feel just as powerful for you, too!

Saying No in Relationships Another big decision I've given myself permission to make is to start saying "no" to the "half yes-es" because I want my "yes-es" to have more integrity. It started with me telling my partner that this isn't a full yes, and that I don't want to do it until it is. At first, it was a bumpy road but now he's able to be more authentic and make decisions from an obligation-free place. Naturally, not everyone sees that as a good thing right away, but it's not your job to convince them. So to anyone feeling pressured to do things that aren't good for you, give yourself permission to say no. Time is precious so don't waste it doing things your heart isn't in.

So ask yourself: what is distracting me from the things I really want in life, what is keeping me from experiencing the version of me I want to be, and in what ways am I living by default following a path that no longer fits?

It's a leap of faith; only you can decide to take the jump.

Cheers to 2023! May it bring you peace, belonging, and fulfillment!

Katie Christensen is a past-life regressionist, trained in BQH and Level 2 BQH. She also practices Crystalline Soul Healing for clients, and hosts the Meetup Group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness. To find out more, visit


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