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Preparing for your Crystalline Soul Healing Session, an Ancient Healing Technology

dr. emoto water crystallizing from intention
Sample of Dr. Emoto's water crystal experiment

In this post I'll cover:

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Preparing For Your Session

The days leading up to your session, you'll want to start preparing emotionally and physically by eliminating as much stress as possible (you have permission to continue on with this lifestyle even after your session).

Try to minimize screen time, social media activity, take a break from the news, and do the things you love - like going on a bike ride, taking a hike, reading a book, watching the sunset, taking a relaxing bath, etc. All these things will help center you and expand your energetic field so you can receive the most from the template.

Out of respect for your own healing, please do not consume any drugs or alcohol 24 hours prior to your session. If you consume caffeine, it's best to cut it back to half of what you would normally consume so you can better relax and tune into your body. Our goal is for you to arrive in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind and body... so if you're running a few minutes behind that day - release the stress of it, it's all perfectly fine.

Lastly, it is generally advised against scheduling additional appointments or having a busy day scheduled after your Crystalline Soul Healing session. Ideally, you will want to keep your day clear afterwards so you can begin processing the information that flowed through before jumping back into any complex mental activities or strenuous physical tasks.

Remote Sessions

The day of your remote session, you will need a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. We will be conducting your online session remotely via Zoom, so must have this installed on your device. Here is a one minute video on how to join a Zoom meeting. The session lasts about an hour, so if you are using earbuds or connecting via Bluetooth ensure you have enough battery. However, the regular built-in microphones on the computer seem to work just fine!

Ensure you're in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and can talk freely without worry of others overhearing. Bedrooms, sunrooms, and RVs all work. Be sure ask family or roommates not to interrupt you the hour your session is scheduled.

Honing in on an Intention

As Dr. Emoto discovered in his study of intention directed at water and Lynne McTaggart's focus groups demonstrated the impact of combined thought, we have the power to change the reality we experience. Spend some time thinking about your intention for your session. You might focus on a specific relationship dynamic, a health issue, strengthening your connection with spirit guides, or simply that the session be for your highest good.

antique telescope pointing at the sky in paris

Whatever you choose, spend some time also repeating aloud, "I now release all that is blocking my highest good. I activate and understand all that I need to move forward on my path with grace and ease". This will help clear the way for a powerful healing session.

With your intention at the forefront, I will activate the ancient healing template technology and tune-in to different aspects like belief systems, societal conditioning, family structures, and DNA to see what is being released and activated. Afterwards, I will share those insights with you.

Receiving the Template

You can also use your intuition to tune-in to receive the same subtle information as I do. You may notice things occurring in your body like tingles, twitches, sharp headache that quickly releases, little flicks/thuds. Pay attention to the location of these releases.

Some people experience different emotions such as sadness coming up for release, or even joy and elation. Notice if a scenario plays out in your mind, if you experience thoughts about a specific relationship, or have sudden ahha! moments.

You may also hear messages in your mind (like hearing voices in a daydream), or even hear tones with your physical ears. Just passively observe the subtle information, and begin to recognize that you receive information like this all the time. It's just a little easier when you're relaxed.

Even if you don't pick up on anything like this, that is perfectly fine. The template runs regardless. Your Higher Self is intelligently releasing and activating what is perfect for you during your session.

When I had the template ran on me the first time I was very tired and dehydrated. I asked Jamye Price (creator of modality) if that would prevent me from receiving the healing, and thankfully she said no. She shared that there any many things that could cause your own energetic field to contract, but that the Higher Self is intelligent and could save the "install" for later when the timing is more appropriate. So don't worry, all you have to do is sit back and allow it in.

Realizing Your Power to Integrate the Template

plant growing through coins

Two Sides of the Same Coin

On the level of human evolution we have moved into a higher level of consciousness and the two sides of the coin are empowerment and personal accountability. In the past, shamans and other healers used to take into their bodies the illnesses of others to ease their suffering, but now that humanity has moved into developing its sovereignty, what once helped is no longer in the highest good. This means humanity is at a stage in our evolution where self-healing is available to all. As you begin to know the truth of what's possible, you will be required to hold that resonance in the face of challenging circumstances. We each must take accountability for what we create in order to know just how powerful we are.

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

There are many reasons why on a higher level we co-create an accident or illness. A client once told me if she weren't struggling with the side effects from a stroke, she'd get back to work. Once we got into the session, her Higher Self shared that was exactly why She chose the stroke in the first place:

"She wouldn't slow down so the body experienced a stroke to help her learn "your self-worth is not reliant on your productivity" and to experience herself as loved and valued even when she cannot contribute as much. She was not quite through that lesson at that time but as soon as she integrates it, the residual impact of the stroke will be released, permanently."

Once the issue at hand serves its purpose, you can release it no matter how long it has been there. You can read a story of my mom overcoming a 20+ year old injury in another article here under "What Can It Work On".

Accountable is Empowered, Empowered is Accountable

My role is much like that of a personal trainer. I am there to help coach you throughout the exercise to ensure you're staying on track with the goals you shared with me ahead of time. What happens after you leave the gym is up to you.

The success of a workout has nothing to do with the weight itself being lifted but everything to do with who is gaining strength by lifting the weights. Your healing lies in your realization of your own power.

After a Session

After we finish the debrief, some notice some differences right away and others begin to pick up on the subtle nuances over the next week or two. Every session is different, but what stays the same is my advice to nurture yourself while you energetically process the healing.

To sustain the resonance tapped into during your session, you must be consciously let go of old patterns that are not of the highest truth, in not just your actions, but your choices, your projections, and even down to the thoughts you entertain.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch before your session by emailing me at

Katie Christensen is a past-life regressionist, trained in BQH and Level 2 QHHT. She also practices Crystalline Soul Healing for clients, and hosts the Meetup Group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness. To find out more, visit


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