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SESSION WISDOM: Balancing The Elements In Our Bodies

four elements in a glass vase

While under hypnosis, several clients of mine have brought forth information regarding the importance of balancing the elements within oneself to strengthen our intuitive connection.

The four elements discussed are fire, earth, air, and water. Please note this does not invalidate any other cultural understandings, all sessions come through the client's vocabulary and the Higher Self works within that container.


Each element has the power to create or destroy. Take for example the nature's way of using wildfires to releases nutrients into the soil from old wood and dead grass, allowing new life forms to sprout. The fire and earth element work together to form new land from steady lava flow like that in Hawaii. Summer breezes help pollinate, while the repetitive movement of water works to form beautiful landscapes like Bryce Canyon over millions of years. When out of balance, we see barren land, earthquakes, powerful tornadoes, and tsunamis. These same creative and destructive forces exist within us.


campfire with smores

The way I've come to understand the fire element is this is our manifestation power and spirituality. Our inner fire is expressed through our passion. Do you have access to your passion, or have things been more dull and redundant lately? Does it feel like your fire energy is working for you, or are you constantly putting out fires trying to get things back under control? These are signs that this element is out of balance.

We want your fire element to look like a calm campfire, that keeps you warm, nourished, safe, and inspired. If all you see is coals, imagine yourself grabbing some kindling and building the fire up. If it's a raging bonfire, smolder it a bit to dial it back into that calm campfire image.

If you feel like you need to reignite that spark again, here are some solutions you can try:

  • Light a fire and meditate on the flames (for a fun experiment, see if you can change the flame size or color with your focused intent)

  • Open your Heart to the sun, let in its heat, and allow it to nurture your strength

If your fire element is too strong, and it feels like you're losing control you can:

  • Light a small candle or two, and focus on resonating with the calmer flame

  • Practice energetic flame meditations such as the the Seven Sacred Flames

For some, focusing on this once a week is enough, for others you may need to do a bit more work upfront until everything is balanced again.


rich soil

Our Earth element is all about our capacity to be present. There has never been a more critical time to ground in Earth's energies as now, with all of the shifts going on. It is very difficult to stay grounded and present unless you intentionally ground daily.

When tuning in, the goal is to see your own inner Earth element as rich, moist soil. If it's too dry, imagine bringing in some rain to nourish the ground. If there isn't enough dirt, imagine yourself creating more and connecting your roots deep down into the planet's core.

There is a good chance you're Earth element is out of balance if you catch yourself getting caught up in the media, notice yourself stuck in your head, feeling scattered, or wishing you could vacate the planet until things calm down. Sometimes we get ungrounded because another element is whisking us away, and at other times it is simply because we aren't spending enough time physically connecting with our beautiful planet.

Here are some suggestions to strengthen your inner Earth element and connection:

  • Get out in nature and walk barefoot

  • Play in the dirt! Gardening, pulling weeds, walking in sand are all beneficial

  • Intentionally put your feet into the ground (extra points if you can dig up a little dirt near the base of a tree and connect to Earth through the tree)

  • Practice the Earth Sky Heart Meditation (I aways feel immense gratitude for Earth when I remember that none of my beautiful memories would have happened without her allowing me to call her home)

  • Use a grounding mat or bed sheet (this is the one we use in the winter)

In session, a client's Higher Self stated "there is so much power and healing that comes from the Earth. Put your feet in as many places around the world as you can"


dog with its head out the window

Our inner air element has a lot to do with our thoughts, and the thoughts of other that bounce around our heads. Air is the invisible element that carries with it so much subtle information and influence. Some of that information is helpful, and some is not. Think about the heaviness in the air when you walk into a place like a funeral home, or the stagnant feeling of a house that is cluttered an unkept. The air we breathe into our physical bodies impacts us. A client's Higher Self shared this message "Air is ever changing. Air has no form. You can change the energy of air." In this session, my client was informed that crystals change the frequency of the air around them and was reminded to use this as a tool when working with the air element.

See your inner air element as a gentle breeze blowing through the trees. If it's too gusty, imagine calming the scene down, slowly and steadily getting it back to a gentle breeze. If it's too calm, you can even blow some wind into the imagery to help create movement.

When I asked the client's subconscious why movement was so important, the explanation I received was that movement is not just good for our bodies physically, but energetically. It is how the body transformed foreign energy, stagnant energy, or even your own negative energy. Our mechanism for clearing out stagnant air is our breathe, which is why the harder we breathe (from intense movement) the easier it is to let go of negativity, and subsequently the more endorphins get released.

When our air element is out of balance, you may feel like you can't think straight, or on the contrary that you can't stop your thoughts. Here are some ways to interact with air:

  • Move air past you by exercising, dancing, running, walking, or being outside on a windy day

  • Stretch, whether that's on your own or in a yoga class, physically move your body

  • Take 3 breaths, each time filling your lungs more than you could the time before, and on the exhale see if you can empty the stale air at the bottom of your lungs (did you know that we only 80% of our lung capacity on average). This is much like decluttering, clearing out the old to make space for the new!


time lapse creek with pebbles and stones

Our water element has a lot to do with our emotional energy. Water is powerful and can lead to terrible destruction like in hurricanes and floods, and also lead to beautiful masterpieces we see in our landscape. It’s important we keep our water element working for us, and catching any imbalances before they get too intense.

Imagine your water element as a babbling creek, with water flowing freely around stones. If there is too much, allow it to flow until it can return back to normal. If there is not enough, imagine a cleansing rain bringing back balance to the creek.

You may notice your water element is out of balance if you're having trouble being around people, tired or fatigued. If you notice your emotions are too intense, or perhaps the other extreme of being shut down, those are signs that the water element needs to be allowed flow. Here are some ways to work with the water element:

  • Spend time completely submerged in natural bodies of water

  • Intentionally dip your feet in a running body of water, connecting with the element

  • Baths and showers can be helpful, but are more for fine-tuning than readjusting

  • Drink water!

We are all One

Remember, we are all vibration. Everything is a reflection of our individual and collective consciousness.

“As within, so without, as above, so below, as the universe, so the soul.” - Hermes

By simply spending time in or around external elements, you are reminding your internal elements of their natural resonance. Intentionally working within the elements not only leaves you feeling more balanced and empowered, but actually is rebalancing and reminding the cells in your body of their natural state, shifting them from out of sync to working together creatively. As a result of properly harnessing your inner resources, you may begin to notice huge shifts on your spiritual path.

As a result of working with balancing the elements, Katie's clients have experienced improved access to altered states, strengthened intuition, and some have even began to recall dreams for the first time in decades. Katie Christensen is a past-life regressionist, trained in BQH and Level 2 QHHT. She also practices Crystalline Soul Healing for clients, and hosts the Meetup Group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness. To find out more, visit


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