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What to Expect During a QHHT Session

living room with couches table bookcase and fireplace

We will meet in my beautiful home (pictured throughout this article) in Loveland, Colorado at your scheduled appointment time in the morning for a QHHT session. The entire process takes around 5 to 7 hours (it goes by quickly!). If you booked a BQH remote session, we will be meeting over Zoom.

bed for clients hypnosis session with pillows and blankets

The first portion is all about you and your life story. I always suggest clients come in with a list of questions that we will discuss together so I can really deepen my understanding of what you need out of the interaction with Subconscious/Higher Self. After that is complete, we will take a few minutes to make sure you have everything you need to feel comfortable as we transition into the hypnosis portion. I have many different blankets and pillows:

a weighted blanket, multiple different textures, cotton, feather, memory foam pillows, etc… but you can always bring your own, especially if that will help you feel more at home!

During a QHHT session you can expect us to begin the hypnosis with some silent relaxation to adjust to the space and calm our minds before beginning the visualization exercises. We will then explore a “past life story” and spirit realm if you wish. There is nothing you have to try to do, think of, or analyze; there’s plenty of time for that later when you listen to the recording. If you don’t believe in past lives or reincarnation, that’s perfectly fine, you can just experience this as a story that your subconscious is showing you to give you messages about your life today.

view from bed overlooking hypnosis chair and bookcase

After we've spent time exploring the past life, I will establish a clear connection with the subconscious so it can provide you with the answers and healing you need (this is the life-changing part!). You can listen to a sample session here. The subconscious is what many refer to as their Higher Self, or the part of them that generates our gut feelings, our instincts, and our intuition. Once this part is complete, I'll gently guide you back to complete the hypnosis session, and we'll spend some time debriefing the experience.

Within 24-48 hours, I'll provide you with access to your audio recording so you can download it and listen to it regularly. I also offer a follow up call within 1 week of working with my clients to check in on you and see if any new questions have popped up since the session. One of my favorite things about this work is hearing the difference in my client's voices from before vs after!

Katie Christensen is a past-life regressionist, trained in BQH and Level 2 QHHT. She also practices Crystalline Soul Healing for clients, and hosts the Meetup Group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness


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