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Preparing for your QHHT Session

bed set up for client with pillows and blankets

In this post about Preparing for a QHHT Session we'll cover:

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My Role in your Self-Hypnosis Journey

My role is much like that of a personal trainer. I am there to help coach you throughout the exercise to ensure you're staying on track with the goals you shared with me ahead of time. As much as I would like to, I can't lift the weights because that would be a disservice to you. The success of a workout has nothing to do with the weights themselves being lifted but everything to do with who is gaining strength by lifting the weights. Your healing lies in your realization of your own power.

"The success of a workout has nothing to do with the weights themselves being lifted but everything to do with who is gaining strength by lifting the weights. Your healing lies in your realization of your own power."
personal trainer coaching a person through workout

You're in Control Throughout the Session

You are in control of what happens during a session, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Only you have the power to control how deep you go. If you have fears or doubts, let's talk about them ahead of time so you can choose to allow yourself to experience the altered state of consciousness. You are literally so powerful that if you have a fear of heights and something I'm saying triggers that, you can imagine things high up coming down to scoop you up instead. If you're afraid of reliving something traumatic, you can set the intention to experience a peaceful memory instead. You are always safe, and I'll be there reminding you of that. As you start to allow yourself to drift into an altered state of consciousness, you won't experience a sudden switch from conscious state to hypnotic state, you'll just experience a gradual lessening of your awareness on your physical environment as you drift and float into deeper relaxation trusting and allowing your what is for your highest good to present itself.

For more information on self-hypnosis, the differences between QHHT and BQH, you can read my article on How Quantum Healing Hypnosis Differs from Traditional Hypnotherapy

Preparing Questions

To prepare for your session, you will need to make two lists. Please bring a handwritten or printed copy of these lists the day of your session.

1) The first list is any and all physical, mental, emotional, spiritual issues you're currently experiencing. If you can, try to write next to it when you first noticed this issue starting and what you've gained from the experience.

2) The second list is any questions you have for your Higher Self.

As a general rule, 7 to 10 open-ended questions is ideal for the length of the session because I can really dive in deep and ask some follow-up questions based of off the SC's responses. If you have more that that, it can take away from the depth of the session. If you have some curiosity questions that can be answered quickly, such as "Where is my missing bracelet?", you can write a few more of those down, too. If you need help coming up with questions, check out the FAQs on the website for some prompts.

woman journaling in nature by herself

These questions will set the tone of your session, so really narrow down your focus to what would have the most substantial impact on allowing you to live out your potential. Also, start thinking about how you could life a more empowered life if the issues on the 1st list were released. Reflect on if there were any lessons you learned from those challenges, if you've completed the lesson or if you're still in the middle of it. Really feel into what you would do moving forward if you were free of those issues but still had the wisdom they brought into your life.

A client once told me if she weren't struggling with the side effects from a stroke, she'd get back to work. Once we got into the session, her Higher Self shared that was exactly why she chose the stroke in the first place.
She wouldn't slow down so the body experienced a stroke to help her learn "your self-worth is not reliant on your productivity" and to experience herself as loved and valued even when she cannot contribute as much. She was not quite through that lesson at that time but shared as soon as she integrates it, the side effects of the stroke would release, permanently.

Preparing Yourself

The days leading up to your session, you'll want to start preparing emotionally and physically by eliminating as much stress as possible (you have permission to continue on with this lifestyle even after your session =]).

Try to minimize screen time, social media activity, take a break from the news, and do the things you love - like going on a bike ride, taking a hike, reading a book, watching the sunset, taking a relaxing bath, etc. All those things will help you center and rebalance your presence to set you up for a great session!

The Higher Self of another client suggested looking into a candle or fire while reflecting/meditating, swimming as an ideal exercise, taking walks in nature to release pent up energy, and being outside in the sun and grass barefoot. She shared that balancing the elements within the body helps clear the channels for connection.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Although not required, many clients say the Silver Crystalline River meditation I provide on my website really helped them not only relax but also acclimate to my voice. This way your ego can process any awkwardness beforehand so it isn't as distracting during the session. I highly suggest you listen to it at least once, but ideally once a day for at least 3 days leading up to your session.

screenshot of resources page with crystalline river meditation

In that same location, you will also find another free meditation called Practice Exercises (Demo). I do require all clients practice this at least once so you can gauge for yourself how much practice you need. At the start of the Practice Exercise recording, there is a brief lesson included that covers the different ways we can perceive subtle information. The goal of this recording is for you to discover your own primary ways of intuiting, work through your own blocks, and practice going deeper so that the imagery is more vivid for you. This is the learning curve that everyone has to work through, so if you can get through your learning curve on your own before our session, it allows for us to spend more time diving into your questions!

The Day of Your Session

The day of your session, please do not consume and drugs (required prescriptions are okay), or alcohol, as a clear head helps you get a clearer connection. If you consume caffeine, it's best to cut it back to half of what you would normally consume. Our goal is for you to arrive in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind and body... so if you're running a few minutes behind that day - release the stress of it, it's all perfectly fine. Wear comfortable clothing.

We will spend the first hour and a half going over your history and your questions. This is different from talk therapy. It's just a way for me to gain context so I can best understand why you're asking the questions you're asking, and familiarize myself with some important events in your life that could pop up during a session.

For example, if you don't remember anything from your childhood before age 12 and you regress back into this current lifetime as a kid I'll know that there is something of importance in that scene and will treat it differently than I would for others. Once that is complete, we'll start to settle in the space and begin with some visualizations.

Accessing Altered States is a Natural Process

Getting into an altered state is very easy! It's a natural state of mind that we spend an average of 4 hours in per day, anytime we watch TV, read, jog, or take long relaxed drives. We also naturally access the theta brainwave state at least twice a day, too, anytime we enter and exit sleep. So there's nothing to worry about, nothing you have to think of or analyze... just observe and allow whatever comes up. You'll get a recording of the whole thing, so there is plenty of time afterwards to piece it all together.

Some advice:

  • Focus and imagine along with the visualizations I share. When I say "see" it includes hear, feel, or sense.

  • Trust and allow whatever first comes into your mind.

  • See, hear, feel, sense everything in as much detail as you can. The more you lean in, the more it will fill in.

  • Talk, and talk a lot! The more you describe to me, the clearer it will become and the deeper you'll go.

hypnotist chair from perspective of client

That's it!

If you can follow those tips, you're be able to allow yourself to drift into an altered state of consciousness where we can explore your life path.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch before your session by emailing me at

Katie Christensen is a past-life regressionist, trained in BQH and Level 2 BQH. She also practices Crystalline Soul Healing for clients, and hosts the Meetup Group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness


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