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How Quantum Healing Hypnosis differs from Traditional Hypnotherapy

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy

Traditional hypnosis is known by many as a form of psychotherapy that changes unwanted habits through the cognitive function of suggestion. While both Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) utilize elements of hypnosis to explore consciousness, neither is hypnotherapy in the clinical sense. Quantum healing hypnosis differs from hypnotherapy in that both modalities focus on connecting clients with higher realms with the intent of healing beyond the limitations of logic, and fostering clarity.

“Hypnotic states are so common and natural we spend a majority of our life within them. Reading, singing, praying, driving, showering, can all induce a ‘hypnotic state. Hypnosis is nothing more than a relaxed and focused attention.” – Beyond Quantum Healing

Throughout the day, we transition through different brainwave states: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Beta is the brainwave state with the most variation (14-30Hz) when measured with an EEG, and is associated with alertness and mental activity. Alpha exhibits calmer brainwave activity, where the individual feels calm, lucid, and relaxed (9-13Hz). The theta brainwave state is what we are in when we begin receiving sounds and visuals to dreams but aren’t quite asleep yet (4-8Hz). Delta is the brainwave state linked with deep, dreamless sleep, exhibiting slow wave pattern between 1-3 Hz. As a practitioner, I assist you in relaxing so you can get into a deep alpha or theta state where information can come through for you.


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All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are in control of how much or how little comes through. When I first started out getting sessions for myself, I didn’t know what that meant. My very first session, I saw nothing. I felt like I was staring at my eyelids the entire time experiencing a lot of frustration with the “failed” session. My second session was with a more experienced practitioner. I not only saw past-lives as a healer and released trauma from that lifetime and saw an extraterrestrial life as well. My third session was with a brand-new practitioner; I saw a past-life that explained my interest in Lemuria and was able to intuitively connect with the answers to my questions.

Each of those experiences taught me invaluable lessons on how to allow hypnosis. My first session could have been successful, but I was waiting around for something to happen not realizing waiting is very different from allowing. My second session taught me that there is a learning curve to accessing your theta-state; it started out very subtle but as I let go of the need to understand it and just spoke freely things became much easier. My third session helped me realize that it does not matter how many sessions your practitioner has under their belt, what matters is that you feel you can trust them enough to relax yourself into an altered state of consciousness.

The Value of the Practitioner

As a practitioner of both Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), not only can I gently navigate traumatic scenes with you, releasing attachments and cords, initiate a connection with the subconscious, etcetera etcetera, but having explored multidimensionality with many people I bring practical hands-on experience to benefit clients so you can get the most out of your journey.

Another important value a practitioner brings to a client's hypnosis journey has to do with the way the left and right hemispheres of our brains are designed to function. Many of us rely on our Type-A personalities, our grit, ability to analyze and strategize, logic, push-through, get it done, etc. Afterall, those are the attributes highly valued and rewarded in our society. While these traits certainly do have value, the problem is they all rely on the stamina of the left hemisphere of our brain. The culture we live in is one that leaves little time in our day to balance that with right-brain activity. As a result, we are not as in touch with our connectedness, our creativity, and intuition (all right-brain related). I have found that there is a bit of a learning curve as people begin exercising that right-brain again and it is most helpful if you can stay in the right-brain instead of being pulled into left-brain functions.

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When in a deep alpha brainwave state, an experience that starts out subtle will become more vivid as you observe it without engaging the left-brain. You certainly can and should practice accessing these states on your own; it’s much like a muscle, the more you use it the easier it gets. However, outsourcing left-brain activities like thinking, analyzing, understanding, questioning, and conceptualizing to someone not in trance allows you to make an even stronger connection with the subtle realms. You could be brand new to visualization or an experienced meditator, the value of the practitioner is the same. As a quantum healing hypnotist, I help you navigate the exploration of consciousness, connect the dots, and help you bring through a greater understanding so you can move through life with greater fulfillment.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a method of connecting clients with their higher selves taught by Dolores Cannon. After her passing in 2014, one of her students expanded on Cannon’s work by creating Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH).

There are two main differences that set BQH apart from QHHT; 1) practitioners are given freedom to blend other modalities into a session (such as using tuning forks, reiki, or crystals), and 2) BQH-trained practitioners are qualified to offer sessions online making it available to anyone with an internet connection. Regardless of the chosen technique, both QHHT and BQH are grounded in a desire to help the client live a more empowered life.

I am certified in BQH and trained as a Level 2 QHHT practitioner. If you’re trying to decide between them, there is no wrong choice. My only suggestion would be to consider which would be a more relaxing experience for you… being in the comfort of your own home or visiting my location in-person in a distraction free environment?

Is Quantum Hypnosis Right for Me?

People come in for a session for a variety of reasons, all related to improving their quality of life. Some wish to make sense of why they experienced a traumatic event, have health issues, and are stuck in an unwanted relationship dynamic; others come because they want to improve their intuition, creativity. Some feel an inner sense of urgency that they need to be doing something but can’t figure out what the “something” is and want to know their purpose. Clients also come in with curiosities about God, the universe, and other mysterious things they experienced but could not explain.

If these mirror some of your own questions, then a quantum hypnosis session is a great way to access the answers that lie within. Click here to book a session.

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Photo credit Dolores Cannon's Facebook Page

Katie Christensen is a past-life regressionist, trained in BQH and Level 2 QHHT. She also practices Crystalline Soul Healing for clients, and hosts the Meetup Group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness

Permission to share this article is freely granted, as long as it remains complete, unaltered and credit given to Katie Christensen at is included with a link.

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