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What is Crystalline Soul Healing?

nasa photo of a nebula galaxy outerspace

Crystalline Soul Healing is a quantum healing modality that releases blocks and activates potential to better align you with your Higher Self. As the information integrates into your subconscious, it helps clear self-limiting beliefs and societal programming while activating higher truths encoded in the crystalline light-body template.

The modality was introduced by Jamye Price, who had spent several years developing and refining the ancient technology. Here's some of what Jamye shares on her website:

"I created this deep approach to healing based on ancient Lyran methodologies that were given to me by my non-physical Guide Team. It initiates deep and lasting change because it unravels barriers to evolution that must be moved through rather than avoided.
Crystalline Soul Healing clears distorted information from your energy field, helping you initiate your powerful creative flow. You naturally access the inherent wisdom of your soul’s journey, bringing your infinite nature into the finite realm" - Jamye Price

So how does it work?

It’s a lot like when your phone gets an update. The software engineers create codes that are intended to fix bugs or incorporate new tech that would allow things to run more smoothly for you whenever you use your phone. They notify you when that update is available, you look through it to decide if it would be beneficial, and then choose the time to run the update. When you turn your phone back on everything looks the same as it did before the update but with a little bit of use, you notice things run a lot smoother. It works very similarly, Crystalline Soul Healing notifies your subconscious that an update is available, your subconscious decides what would be beneficial, and then allows those updates to install. Like most updates, things look exactly the same as they did before, but they just work a lot better so you can go about your day with more ease.

We connect either in-person or online through Zoom, and to carry on the analogy, I allow your subconscious to download the update (template) from the servers (stored in my consciousness), and once the download completes, your phone (your body) will integrate the download by installing it (our debrief after the session).

What can it work on?

What is the experience like for clients?

dr. emoto samples of before and after water crystalline structure changes with intention

Our Bodies Are 60% Water

Based off of Dr. Emoto's research (you can find his documentary here on YouTube), the quality of the intentions and messages we are exposed to changes the crystalline shape of water molecules. You can do the experiment yourself by sending positive thoughts of love and gratitude towards one jar of food and negative thoughts of hate towards another.

rice intention experiment love nothing hate thriving rotting food

To hold the resonance of love in your body, you must release the distorted thoughts projected onto you to transform the thoughts you project out into the world around you.

From my own meditations, I have seen how when the water in our bodies is in a harmonious resonance, our electromagnetic fields strengthen and we consistently emit photons making it look like we are bodies of light. This is exactly what Crystalline Soul Healing is about... restoring your body and field into what it was always designed to be, so you can be your radiant self.

"At your core, you are LOVE. Now is a time of personal empowerment. To hold more of your divinity within your physical body, you must learn to create your life from empowered Love. Crystalline Soul Healing supports a renewed perspective of life as your Soul Progression compels your evolution into more empowered Love." - Jamye Price via

Click here if you're in interested in experiencing a Crystalline Soul Healing session for yourself. Katie Christensen is a past-life regressionist, trained in BQH and Level 2 BQH. She also practices Crystalline Soul Healing for clients, and hosts the Meetup Group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness


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