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Empowered Healing: Your Body Can Heal Itself

fall harvest foods, pumpkin, onion, carrot on wooden table

Through watching my parents go plant-based, receiving reiki, and becoming a quantum healing practitioner, I've seen just how instantaneously the body can restore itself to perfection.

It was April 2020, I had just been laid-off due to the impact the pandemic had on the aviation industry. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to further my training as a private pilot until I received an email stating my flight school was closing due to COVID-19. I couldn't figure out why I kept getting confronted by brick walls until I traveled home to visit my parents.

It had been 3 months since my dad had his heart attack, so I figured he'd be mostly back to normal. When I arrived, I was confronted with a shocking truth that he was bed-bound and losing consciousness in the middle of his sentences; I even had to catch him so he wouldn't fall to the ground. The prescriptions weren't helping but the doctors were preoccupied with treating pandemic patients. That's when I came across researched that documented cases of people not only stopping the progression of health disease but actually reversing it just by removing harmful foods from their diet.

I decided to stick around for the month to try out a plant-based whole food diet with my parents. Within 3 days of cutting out meat, dairy, and processed foods we started noticing a difference and after 14 days he was back to biking 10 miles a day. At the end of the 30 days, he lost 30 pounds and was back to his normal self. My mom committed to the plant-based whole food challenge to support him, but ended up losing 30 pounds herself, and got off of 3 out of 4 of her medications having healthy blood pressure and cholesterol for the first time in her life. Not only did they look great, but they were so much happier than I'd ever seen them. Halfway through, in between their laughter they asked me what was in this food because they haven't been able to stop giggling for days. It was beautiful seeing them enjoy each others company again. They had no idea what the standard American diet was doing to their lives, but were amazed that after decades of abuse the body is still capable of healing itself.


I have an amazing reiki practitioner I see in Littleton. For a while, I had it in my head that reiki was something like a fresh start where everything gets reset so you can effectively handle the challenges thrown your way. She combines several different modalities all in one session to get you to a place where you feel centered, balanced, and connected afterwards. I had been going through a rough patch with lots of intentionally unprocessed emotion and knew I could use her help. I knew in order for my chakras to stay in balance, I would have to allow my emotions going forward but it didn't occur to me that I would still be required to process the emotions I'd been stuffing from before the session.

After she finished getting my chakras back online and functioning properly, she explained that I would still have to release the sadness I was storing in my heart. I was shocked that it didn't work to the extent I expected! This was the first time after 2 years that something like this came up, but once was enough for me to realize I'd unconsciously counted on reiki to bail me out of my own unhealthy choices. There are no shortcuts. We not only must understand the cause of our imbalances, but we must change the associated behavior and only then can we learn the lesson we attracted to us in the first place. That is empowered healing.

woman sending reiki to the feet of another person

Quantum healing is not a short cut or way to avoid facing reality, in fact it's the complete opposite. It's a direct line to the eternal part of you that has complete clarity on anything and everything.

In a session, clients are shown the root cause of the issue and why they attracted it into their life. Once we learn the lesson our ailments and traumas are trying to teach us, they can be cleared from our bodies and our lives. I've heard of incredible stories proving the subconscious (SC) can do anything from rebuilding knee cartilage to clearing cancer, even repairing electronics.

In my own personal experience with clients, I've had people experience spontaneous relief from sciatica, recurring headaches, knee pain, and circulation problems in their hands. I've had the SC explain exactly what was needed in a relationship to transform an unhealthy dynamic. I've also witnessed messages coming through from deceased loved ones, and even messages that were directed at me (I don't get to hide from my lessons either).

The common theme is, if you understand the message behind it and take action from a place of higher understanding (whether that be stopping the consumption of something bad for you, finding the courage to speak your truth and honor your needs, or realize that the things you're doing to "be a good person" may actually be unhealthy), you can heal anything. This is the possibility of bridging the subtle and physical, you become empowered to express new potentials that existed all along.

"What if instead of these are happening to you, they were happening for you...

Why would I have chosen this?

Katie Christensen is a past-life regressionist, trained in BQH and Level 2 BQH. She also practices Crystalline Soul Healing for clients, and hosts the Meetup Group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness


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