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Preparing for a Past-Life Regression

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Past-life regressions are a powerful way to explore the depths of one's own consciousness, exploring the mysteries of our past that have the ability to transform our present. Although reincarnation is implied (and what I believe to be true), it isn't necessary you believe in past lives to benefit from a regression. With a mind open to exploring a story and an intent to extract the lessons demonstrated within that story, you can experience a new perspective on the life you're living today.

If you're considering getting a past-life regression, it's important to prepare ahead of time for your session to set yourself up for success. In this article, we'll cover what to expect, how to mentally and physically prepare, setting intention, and logistics for your session.

What Are Past-Life Regressions

Throughout the years I've been guiding individuals and groups through past-life regressions, I've discovered that managing expectations is vitally important to the process.

I host regular group regressions in my Meetup group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness that are a great way to practice tapping in with other like-minded individuals. Many of us have been encouraged to rely on our grit, our logic, our ability to analyze, strategize, and push through to get it done. Those traits are great, the only problem is they all use the left hemisphere of the brain and we don't always have enough time left over in our day to balance that with right-brain activity. I've found that there is a bit of a learning curve as people begin developing the skills of the right hemisphere, but by participating in activities like this, you actually make it easier to tap in with each experience.

Although I use the Dolores Cannon method in both QHHT and group past-life regressions, the two are not the same as a past-life regression (PLG). QHHT sessions include a past-life but the majority of the session is spent interacting with the subconscious to bring about healing. It's important to understand that past-life regressions are much shorter and will not include directly asking the Higher Self pointed questions. If that's more of what you're looking for then a QHHT or BQH session is a better fit for you than a past-life regression. You can read more about the difference between quantum healing hypnosis and traditional hypnotherapy here.

Past-life regressions are a fun way to begin exploring your multidimensionality, as you begin to discover your ability to unlock memories, release stored emotions from the body, untangle relationship dynamics, and even allow self-healing from within. Embarking on an inner adventure that explores the connections between our past, present, and future selves, past-life regressions are invaluable on our journey of self-discovery.

Preparing for your Past-Life Regression

In the week leading up to your regression, it will be important to minimize stressors. I share this Resource Guide as it is important for us all to be aware of the impact stress has on us. Below is an excerpt from that guide. The important take away is that your stress reactions are not a reflection of your character or grit, this is just how the human body experiences stress hormones that haven't fully been metabolized and linger in our system.

common stress reaactions based on icisf from resource guide

I encourage you to take advantage of the tools provided in the the Resource Guide. If you're not currently noticing any of the above symptoms, but still catch yourself experiencing stress -- then my suggestion is to minimize any new stimuli and intentionally make space for yourself away from these stressors from now until your hypnosis session. The second part of the equation is to add in doing things you love especially when it comes to physical activity, healthy foods, spending time people you enjoy, spiritual practices, and self-care. All of these things will help you recenter and create inner space. You'll know you're in balance when something that normally gets under your skin, doesn't, and you can instead meet it with patience and compassion.

Physical Comfort The key to all hypnotic states is relaxation. Our bodies can keep us from fully relaxing if we're hungry, need the restroom, or physically uncomfortable. To best prepare for our time together please wear comfortable clothing, be sure to eat enough beforehand to last you through our time together, and let me know as we go if anything is distracting you. Also, it's important to note that if you need to use the restroom, it's better that you let me know than try to wait until the end. Pausing won't interfere with the session at all, it will actually help you go deeper once there is no longer a physical demand.

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Intention Setting

As Dr. Emoto discovered in his study of intention directed at water and Lynne McTaggart's focus groups demonstrated the impact of combined thought, we have the power to change the reality we experience. Spend some time thinking about your intention for your session. What do you hope to gain from the experience? You might focus on understanding specific relationship dynamic, a health issue, strengthening your connection with spirit guides, or simply that the session be for your highest good.

Once you've formulated an intention and it feels right, then let go of all expectations (that's the tricky part). If you hold onto or resist things happening a certain way, it can kink the hose so to speak. Even if you're unsure, or even skeptical -- that's okay. Just approach the session with curiosity and a willingness to go with what is. Your open mind is what will allow the experience to become more vivid as we go.

Setup for Remote Sessions

The day of your remote session, you will need a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. We will be conducting your online session remotely via Zoom, so must have this installed on your device. Here is a one minute video on how to join a Zoom meeting. Though we will meet for roughly 2 hours, the recorded portion of your session is just about 1 hour long, so if you are using earbuds or connecting via Bluetooth ensure you have enough battery.

Headset: You will also need a headset with a microphone that can be placed in front of your mouth. Ear buds will not work as I will no longer be able to hear you if you turn to one side. You can use Bluetooth headsets as long as they can be plugged in while we are doing our session, to ensure they won't run out of battery.

Please be sure to test all equipment before our session. You can do that by opening up Zoom on your own, going into settings, and selecting "test mic/speakers".

Location: As for positioning your laptop, you'll want to make sure the laptop is close enough that I can see your whole face at all times, and part of your torso. I personally propped my laptop up on a small box, and since it's a Surface, put a tissue box under the flap so I could angle it down more. Other suggestions are using an ironing board, stack of books, or printer to add some height. There must be adequate lighting, and the camera must be set up in a spot that will be be disturbed if you move around or need to use the restroom.

Ensure you're in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and can talk freely without worry of others overhearing. Bedrooms, sunrooms, and RVs all work. Be sure ask family or roommates not to interrupt you the hour your session is scheduled. Feel free to use any crystals or healing elements in your space that you enjoy working with.

man sitting in front of a doorway with an illuminated an standing in the doorway representative of accessing past-lives or self-hypnosis

Layout of the Session

Before we getting started with your hypnosis session, it's important to approach the experience with an open mind and degree of emotional availability. You are so powerful that you can shut down aspects that are coming up to be experienced.

When we get started with our one-on-one session, we'll spend the first 15-20 minutes getting to know your intentions and what drew you to the experience. We'll take a quick bathroom break before we get started with some warm-up visualizations (including more or less practice exercises depending on your needs) and lead into the hypnosis session.

Sidenote: It's important you practice some visualization meditations before our session to begin developing the skills of the right brain. You can find some here or by clicking on the RESOURCE tab of my website and scrolling down to the media player towards the bottom.

As you practice those exercises, notice what blocks your may be experiencing. Here is an article I wrote discussion common obstacles people have to learn to overcome in order to access altered states of consciousness.

From there, you just have to trust the process. It is tried and true. Have faith in yourself, and if you have any questions or concerns communicate them to me, as I can tailor the session to address your needs.

After your past-life regression, we'll discuss about what came up and what you remember for about 10-15 minutes and I'll send you a recording of your session afterwards (typically within 24-48 hours). As soon as we wrap up, I suggest journaling about your experience, and writing down your reflections of what stood out to you and how it connects to your current life. Just as a dream fades throughout the days, weeks, and months after you experience them, your memory of your past-life regression will also fade to a certain degree so it's important to document the emotions, thoughts, and imagery experienced while it's still fresh.

Aftercare Plan

It is generally advised against scheduling additional appointments or having a busy day scheduled after your regression. Ideally, you will want to keep your day clear afterwards so you can begin processing the information that flowed through before jumping back into any complex mental activities or strenuous physical tasks. Create some space for yourself after your session so you have the time needed to take it easy and reflect on what you experienced.

pen and notebook for journaling outside

Final Words

Out of respect for your own healing, please do not consume any drugs or alcohol 24 hours prior to your session. If you consume caffeine, it's best to cut it back to half of what you would normally consume so you can better relax and tune into your body. Our goal is for you to arrive in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind and body... so if you're running a few minutes behind that day - release the stress of it, it's all perfectly fine.

Remember that past-life regressions are subjective. What you discover will be highly personal and symbolic. Many find the process therapeutic and empowering, while others find the experience a fascinating opening to a endless possibilities. Ultimately, there is no way to fully measure the ripple effect that can come from the experience -- it's common to hear people look back on the session years later and credit it with changing their life.

To book your Past-Life Regression visit the Hypnosis Services page and select "View Booking Calendar" or click here

Katie Christensen is a past-life regressionist, trained in BQH and Level 2 QHHT. She also practices Crystalline Soul Healing for clients, and hosts the Meetup Group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness. To find out more, visit


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