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Whispers of Lemuria

Girl holding lemurian scrolls hindu text book

Hawaii; hands down one of the most magical places on the Earth. Although I'd never pass up an opportunity to go, this was different... something was calling for me to return.

T-minus 3 days to the trip I hadn't yet known I'd be going on, I facilitated a session for client who channeled a message for me that I needed to go. Although the consciousness she was speaking from couldn't tell me how I'd be able to make it happen, it promised that everything would fall into place.

Sure enough, fall into place it did. The day after I arrived, I met an amazing lady and ended up conducting a session for her on the island of Kauai. She regressed to a life as a light body on the planet Sirius. Her "job" was to monitor different races in different worlds so her kind could heal and upgrade the DNA of each species. She, herself didn't work much with the planet Earth but did tell me a bit about how her race traveled through portals to visit the different planets. She said that we could recognize these portals as vortexes here on Earth. I asked if she was referring to places like Sedona, she without hesitation she replied "Yes. Sedona, Hawaii, ancient sites like pyramids and Peru". Since we were already on the Hawaiian islands, I asked her to tell me more about where in Hawaii "There are vortexes on each island". Much more incredible information that came through her session that I'll save for another time but after we wrapped up, that piece stuck with me.

Scrolling through website after website, there just wasn't much available online. The only clue I could get seemed to point to a monastery along a river in Kapaa as the place to go.

After exploring the map, I found the Kadavul temple, sitting on a lush 382-acre complex known as Kauai's Hindu Monastery. We couldn't get in that day, but my partner and I made reservations to attend a ceremony two days later. As I started reading more, I became aware of my first synchronicity - I'd actually heard about this place before! It's the same temple Drunvalo talked about in his book Serpent of Light... the temple with a 700-pound, 6-sided, quartz crystal located on property. Now this is where things start to get interesting!

artist painting of Kauai's Hindu monastery with Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami and 700lb quartz crystal
Photo Copyright: Himalayan Academy, 107 Kaholalele Rd, Kapaa, HI

Shortly after stepping foot on the monastery, I started feeling a strong energy flow moving up through my feet and legs, much like the sensation I get giving/receiving reiki, that only intensified as we entered the temple for the ceremony. The lighting was dim and soft, the room sacred. To my surprise between the entrance and the statue of Siva laid a round table not more than a foot off the ground with different stones depicting planetary movements. I'd never known any religion to incorporate astrology into their understanding of subtle influences on our world and was excited for what was to come. Nonetheless, our minds were still, hearts open, and spirits connected when the monk began performing the ceremony that afternoon. I could viscerally feel my body vibrating the entire time; without a doubt, we were standing on a vortex site.

After leaving the ceremony, we walked the grounds first noticing a beautiful river down below that gathered into a pool before making its way deeper down towards the ocean. Behind the overlook was a building with a sign requesting visitors to remain quietly respectful as it was the designated location for monks to mediate, study, and write books for publication. Although we enjoyed the many spots along the way, we still hadn't found the crystal and the on-site store was the last building before the exit. As timing would have it, the "gatekeeper" who let us into the temple walked in moments later. "What do you mean? Weren't you in the temple?" Turns out, this 700-pound crystal it was right in front of us the entire time! No wonder why I felt such strong energy. The "gatekeeper" said we could return and peek our heads in if we wanted but asked us to please not enter the temple.

We excitedly walked over only to, once again, experience perfect timing. Between the planetary alignment table and statue of Siva sit the massive 700-pound, 3-foot tall crystal covered in necklace beads, both my partner and I astonished at its ability to evade our awareness earlier. The monk who led the ceremony had re-entered the temple, and allowed us to have a one-on-one conversation with him. "This is my first time ever visiting a Hindu temple" I shared with him, "and so much of what I've learned today resonates with things I already accept into my understanding".

While dreaming the previous night, I became lucid as I realized a deceased loved one was waiting on me to finish my dream so I could go greet her. I stepped back from my dream to go visit with her for a moment before she had to leave, and I resumed the dream as soon as she left. This wasn't my first time becoming lucid in a dream, but it was the first time I became conscious of different states of consciousness, places we could go while in the sleep-state outside of dreams. I asked the monk what the teachings are on dreams within the Saivite tradition of Hinduism that this temple follows. He discussed it for a moment and then directed me to the library in the store, stating that the answers I seek can be found in Merging with Siva. I thanked him out loud for his service to me, and thanked him quietly for his service to the vortex. It's amazing how someone could be doing something with so much dedication and passion that on the surface seems limited to the walls of the temple, but in actuality he lives unaware of the profound role he has as keeper of a sacred site.

vortex site in lush hawaiian landscape with hindu temple in background
Vortex Site on Hawaiian Island Kauai

After bowing to the monk, and bowing to the crystal taking it all in one last time, we put our shoes back on and head out to find that book. I went right over to it, and as soon as I flipped it open the first piece of information I landing on was something called the Lemurian Scrolls.

As a student of Dolores Cannon, I could not believe what I was reading! Right on the cover of the Lemurian Scrolls it informs us of "man's untold journey to Earth from the Pleiades millions of years ago, and the struggles faced through the eras as souls matured into their ultimate destiny and Divinity". All the information revealed in Cannon's work that seemed far-fetched and "out-there" was not only in an individual book, but incorporated as a foundational truth in an entire religion. The book definitely sparked my curiosity, and I learned from my client's subconscious when it addressed me directly that I must follow these curiosities, no matter how big or how small, as they will lead me down the path I'm meant to be on.

As soon as my copy arrived in the mail, I opened it up paying unusually close attention to the page describing the publication information. "Lemurian Scrolls, Angelic Prophecies Revealing Human Origins is published by Himalayan Academy. First edition 1973. All rights reserved. Lovingly designed and typeset by the acharyas and swamis of the Savia Siddhanta Yoga Order, 107 Kaholalele Road, Kapaa, Hawaii 96746". And then it hit me... it was created in the exact place I was guided to read it.

In that instant I realized the crystal was kept hidden from our view because we were meant to go back to cross paths with the monk. If that didn't happen exactly the way it did, he would not have served his role in guiding me to the library. If I had not gone to the library, I would not have seen the ad for the Lemurian Scrolls. If I hadn't seen the ad, I would have never known an instruction manual teaching us how to recreate a Lemurian lifestyle exists.

I know the way these things work; there is a divine timing for everything. There are no coincidences. As I sit here writing this, I cannot express how honored I am and in full acceptance of the mission being assigned to me.

Anchoring in Lemuria has begun!

artistic rendering of Lemuria with pyramids, mermaids, whales, dolphins, vibrant lush landscape
Photo from Kahuna Research Group Organization

Katie Christensen is a past-life regressionist, trained in BQH and Level 2 BQH. She also practices Crystalline Soul Healing for clients, and hosts the Meetup Group Awakening Through Explorations of Consciousness


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